Join me for a FREE 5 day Manifesting Detox Bootcamp!

Take what you've previously heard about manifesting and let's throw it out the window so you can begin a mind body cleanse on your manifesting!

A 5 day bootcamp to detox your mindset and learn how to manifest with the mind body connection

May 3rd - May 7th at 1 pm CST 


Some of What We're Explore:

As this Training is Live, the Material will be Channeled, some of the topics we will cover:

- Manifesting 101 - Owning the Supernatural Part of you that is connected to the Quantum reality otherwise manifesting can be difficult

- The difference between the Limited Mind vs the Higher Mind connected to Higher Self

- Manifesting without all the extras, what it really takes to manifest something without the vision board, crystals or methods you see on TikTok.

- Exploring Mind-body Concepts that help you release Resistance, (MY SECRET SAUCE)

- Detoxing Previous concepts of Manifesting that make you misaligned, stuck, and surface-level manifesting without results (aka where a lot of people get stuck)

-  Troubleshooting Misalignment: Understanding the mind-body Disconnect that stops your results & creates misalignment

- how to jumpstart your momentum so the Action feels easy not forced - It's Aligned AF

- Plus Soul Work: Fun Prompts, Action Steps to implement & GIVEAWAY PRIZES! 

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